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        hydrogen energy application
        Hydrogen production+compression+storage+filling integrated module
        • On-site Hydogen Refueling Station.
          To reduce cost of hydrogen transportation and ensure the hydrogne supply security, on-site hydrogen refueling station is proposed by Ally. On-site hydrogen generator could be from methaol reforming, SMR, or electrolysis of renewable electricity.

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        • Backup Power System by Fuel Cell

          The methanol hydrogen production - fuel cell - long-term power supply system uses methanol aqueous solution as raw material to obtain high-purity hydrogen through methanol steam reforming reaction and PSA purification method, and the hydrogen is converted into heat and power output through fuel cell.

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        • Modularized Green Ammonia Plant

          Green ammonia produced from green renewable energy, with zero carbon emission in its life cycle, convenient storage and transportation at normal temperature and liquefaction and high hydrogen content, is known as an important part of the future energy system. Green ammonia will gradually replace traditional fossil energy in energy transportation, chemical raw materials, fertilizers and other aspects to help the whole society reduce carbon emissions.

          Modularizd green ammonia synthesis system adopts modular design. Standardized equipment can achieve standardized production, which could reduce the construction period. Rapid plant construction is the best choice to match renewable energy in the future, such as solar and wind.

          Modularized green ammonia synthesis technology adopts low pressure synthesis system and high efficiency synthesis catalyst. At present, Ally could offer the capacity of the modularized green ammonia synthesis system: 3,000 TPA, 10,000 TPA and 20,000 TPA.

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        • Hydrogen Energy Storage

          Green and low-carbon, facing the goal of "carbon neutrality", it is necessary to promote the new energy revolution.

          The core of the new energy revolution has four major elements, namely silicon energy, hydrogen energy, energy storage and intelligence. At present, photovoltaic wind power in China is fully qualified for large-scale promotion, but its flexible regulation resources are the bottleneck. Because wind power photovoltaic is volatile, it needs to be solved by energy storage batteries, green hydrogen energy, electric vehicles, and smart energy.

          Hydrogen energy storage is an effective way of peak regulation of power stations. It can build hydrogen energy storage peak regulation stations in areas where renewable energy is abundant, produce hydrogen energy storage during peak power hours, and use fuel cells or hydrogen turbine to generate electricity back to the grid during peak power hours, which can effectively solve the problem of renewable energy consumption and grid stability, and improve the utilization rate of transmission network and energy utilization rate.

          Combined with its technical advantages accumulated in the field of hydrogen for many years, the combination of water electrolysis for hydrogen production from wind and electricity and synthetic ammonia will form a complete set of hydrogen energy storage system. It has independent electrolytic water technology and complete equipment, including the manufacturing capacity of electrolytic cell, mature synthetic ammonia technology and engineering construction capacity, and the EPC general contracting ability to independently complete the process from water electrolysis hydrogen production to liquid ammonia loading.

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        hydrogen production equipment
        • Hydrogen generator by Electrolysis

          Water electrolysis hydrogen production is widely used in industrial, commercial and civil fields due to its flexible application site, high product purity, large operation flexibility, simple equipment and high degree of automation. In response to the country's low carbon and green energy, water electrolysis hydrogen production is widely distributed in photovoltaic, wind power and other green power sites.

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        • Hydrogen plant by methanol reforming

          Methanol conversion to hydrogen has the advantages of low investment, no pollution and moderate production cost. It is the best technology choice for users who have no reliable source of hydrogen production raw materials and have strong market competitiveness. The methanol conversion hydrogen production technology developed and designed by our company since 2000 has reached the international advanced level. At the same time, we have obtained three national patents and prepared the Technical Requirements for Methanol Conversion PSA Hydrogen Production System (GB/T 34540). The market share of methanol hydrogen production units provided by the world is high, and the scale of a single set reaches 60000 Nm 3/ H. A professional hydrogen production company with a pressure of 3.3Mpa and faster catalyst development and update (the sixth generation).

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        • Hydrogen plant by SMR from natural gas

          The bold innovation on the basis of the traditional process has greatly reduced the investment in the unit and the natural gas consumption by about 1/3. Especially in the technical transformation of the natural gas conversion core equipment - the conversion furnace, a breakthrough has been achieved and has been tested on the completed unit. In terms of technological innovation of hydrogen production from natural gas reforming, our company has applied for and obtained six national patents, one American patent and one European Union patent; The small and medium-sized natural gas cylinder furnace hydrogen production system was supported by the Technology Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology for small and medium-sized enterprises, and provided 50Nm for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 3/ H Natural gas hydrogen production unit.

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        • Hydrogen recovery plant by PSA technology

          Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology has been widely used in the field of industrial gas separation due to its high automation, simple operation and good environment. Through years of research, test and operation of pressure swing adsorption, a complete set of hydrogen purification technologies in various hydrogen-rich gas sources has been developed to provide customers with upgrading and upgrading services.

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        Gas purification and purification
        • Coke oven gas purification

          Coke oven gas contains impurities such as tar, naphthalene, benzene, inorganic sulfur and organic sulfur. In order to make full use of the coke oven gas, purify the coke oven gas, reduce the impurity content in the coke oven gas, the combustion emission can meet the environmental protection requirements, and can be used as raw materials for chemical production. The technology is mature and widely used in power plants and coal chemical industry.

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        • Biogas Upgrading

          Biogas is an environmentally friendly, clean and cheap combustible gas produced by microorganisms in anaerobic environment, such as livestock manure, agricultural waste, industrial organic waste, domestic sewage and municipal domestic waste, and its main components are methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Biogas is mainly purified and used for urban gas, vehicle fuel, hydrogen production, etc.

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        • CO purification

          Purify CO with PSA technology and obtain product CO from desorption phase; The adsorbent for purifying CO is developed by our company. It has large adsorption capacity, high selectivity, simple process, high purity and high yield of CO.

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        • Food grade carbon dioxide

          CO2 is the main by-product produced in the industrial production process and has high commercial value. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the wet decarbonization gas can reach more than 99% (dry gas), and the content of other impurities are: water, hydrogen, etc. After purification, it can reach food-grade liquid CO2. Food grade CO2 can be recovered from CO2 rich gases such as natural gas reforming gas, methanol cracking gas, lime kiln gas, flue gas, synthetic ammonia decarbonization tail gas, etc.

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        • Desulfurization and CO2 removal of syngas

          Wet desulfurization and decarbonization are common gas purification technologies. It is applied in natural gas reforming gas purification, coal gasification combined gas purification, LNG production process with coke oven gas, SNG process. MDEA process is used for H2S and CO2 removal. After purification of syngas: H2S<10mg/Nm 3,  CO2<50ppm (LNG process).

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        other products
        • Catalyst+adsorbent

          The company has rich experience in the research, development and application of catalysts and adsorbents, providing technical parameters for engineering projects, screening qualified suppliers at home and abroad, and testing the quality of adsorbents used in the project to ensure the project quality. Three editions of the Application Manual of Industrial Adsorbents have been published, covering the static and dynamic adsorption performance curves of about hundreds of adsorbents in five major categories of nearly 100 enterprises at home and abroad. Special research and development have been carried out for adsorbents and catalysts in special fields, and major breakthroughs have been made in the technologies of catalysts such as high-efficiency copper catalysts for methanol hydrogen production, wide-temperature chrome-free medium-shift catalysts, high-efficiency copper adsorbents for CO, and a number of technologies have reached the international advanced level.

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        • Special program control valve

          J641-AL series valves are special pneumatic valves designed and manufactured according to the technical requirements of High-Performance Pneumatic Globe Valves in the domestic PSA hydrogen extraction unit and national standards, including normal temperature type and high temperature type; The program-controlled valve has small volume, light weight, fast action, good sealing performance, long service life and high reliability.

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        • Hydrogen peroxide production plant

          The production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) by anthraquinone method is one of the most mature and common production methods in the world. At present, there are 27.5%, 35.0% and 50.0% products in the market in China.

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        • Methanol Synthesis Plant

          The raw materials for methanol production can be natural gas, coke oven gas, coal, residual oil, naphtha, acetylene tail gas or other waste gas containing hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Since the 1950s, natural gas has gradually become the main raw material for methanol synthesis. At present, more than 90% of the plants in the world use natural gas as the raw material. Because the process of methanol production from natural gas is short, investment is low, production costs are low, and the emissions of three wastes are low, it is a vigorously promoted clean energy.

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        • Green Ammonia technology and plant

          Use natural gas, coke oven gas, acetylene tail gas or other sources containing rich hydrogen as raw materials to build small and medium-sized synthetic ammonia plants. It has the characteristics of short process flow, low investment, low production cost and low discharge of three wastes, and is a production and construction mode of synthetic ammonia that can be vigorously promoted.

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